Kimlan Le
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Kimlan Le who was born in Texas on December 10, 2002 and passed away on May 27, 2003 . We will remember her forever.

Tributes and Condolences
My condolences   / Alma Mills
I am sorry for the loss of your precious baby. I know your pain. love n hugs alma
Remembering your baby Kimlan   / Judy Reed
I am thinking of you and praying to God to give you strength on your Kimlan's Birthday. Love Judy (Heidi's Mom Forever)
She is with you always!   / Beth Judd (Friend of Mom )
Carolyn,     I am thinking of you today on KImlan's birthday. She is with you today & always. For such a short life, Kimlan made a huge impact. BethAngel Danny's Mom Forever
thinking of you   / Shirley Baer (none)
Carolyn, you are in my thoughts and prayers as Kimlan's birthday is tomorrow... I am so sorry for the loss of your precious baby.
Happy Birthday in Heaven Kimlan   / Judy Lujan (Angel Moms )
Happy birthday in heaven Kimlan.  I hope there's cake and ice cream and lots of presents. Judy from Angel Moms
Praying you have peace  / Beth Judd (Friend of Carolyn )    Read >>
Carolyn and baby Kimlan  / Tina Geesey (none)    Read >>
Remembering you nd Kimlan  / Yolanda Rogers     Read >>
I'm so sorry for your loss  / Shirley Baer (none)    Read >>
Sorry for your loss  / Jacob's Mum (I have an angel child too )    Read >>
praying for you and your family  / Diana Mommy To Angel Christopher Josef     Read >>
Remembering you and Kimlan  / Yolanda Rogers     Read >>
To Carol  / Webmistress The Official Tara Strong (--)    Read >>
Precious girl  / Diana Locke     Read >>
Sharing a song  / Carol Cox (Fellow Angel mom )    Read >>
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Her legacy
Dear Kimlan,  
Forever loved and never forgotten.   Sweet Kimlan we love you.
Our daughter was a fighter.  
Kimlan was a true fighter.She fought really hard to live so,she could be with her family.  She had a large VSD,coarctation of aorta,bicuspid valve,and ASD.  Her heart had many defects but,she try hard everyday to live and love her family.  She is a sweet,loving baby girl and I am proud to call her daughter.
The heartache missing Kimlan.  
I am still trying to pick up the pieces of my broken heart. Our family misses Kimlan very much. Our home seems empty without our daughter.We try to go day by day.We pray for strength during the grief.It hurts alot she is not here.        I am thankful to God for when I could hold my daughter.Now,my arms ache to feel Kimlan close to me.She was my only daughter.Me and my husband suffer missing her everyday.
Our loving daughter Kimlan T. Le  
Our Kimlan spent most of her time in the hospital.She was born with many medical problems. The doctors said,it was caused by Trisomy 12. She had many heart defects,large omphalocele,and a cloacal exstrophy.        Our precious girl was going through alot. We prayed she would get all the surgeries she needed so,she could heal.  We hope our baby would survive all the medical problems.  The day she passed away from cardiac arrest my heart broke in so many pieces.  We all hurt missing Kimlan. Please pray for us.
Kimlan's Photo Album
Kimlan's sonogram.
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